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I was born in Crete, in a small village on Mount Psiloritis called Gonies, in 1947. Since I can remember I have been fascinated with the moving image.

At a young age in Crete I attended painting lessons, which were later on followed by photography lessons. My apprenticeship under the internationally accredited photographer DIMITRIS CHARISSIADIS and our partnership since 1975 was of great influence to me.

I started working as a freelance photographer in 1976. Since then, I have presented three solo exhibitions and have participated in eight group ones, including one titled Mount Athos-Aegean Sea which took place in Cuba. My last two exhibitions took place in Anogia (Crete), Athens and Thessaloniki and were titled The Mountains Beauties and Magical Greece respectively.

From 1978 to 1988 I worked as a photography teacher for the arts college AKTO, where I was a student myself some years ago. My role as a teacher not only influenced my work profoundly, but also opened up new ways of expressing myself. Thus, in 1991 I founded the BLOW UP photography school, which I directed until 1996. At the same time, since 1980 and up to the year 2001, I have been the director of the film and image production company PLATO EPE, housed at my working studio in Agia Paraskevi, Attica.

My working for PLATO EPE, as well as my involvement in various fields of photography led to my interest in motion pictures. Ten years working as a stage photographer has been of great value to me, since I had the honor of working side by side with eminent directors such as M.Kakogiannis, M.Koutsomitis, P.Voulgaris, N.Panagiotopoulos and more.

I also had the privilege of working for the art theatre AMORE on many of its productions. I would have to say that this collaboration, and especially my friendship with GIANNIS CHOUVARDAS, have contributed to the way I perceive visual arts to this day.

Today, my work is focused on marketing and publications, capturing images from all over Greece and the Balkans to illustrate high quality albums with the purpose of promoting the cultural identity of our country. These publications include the Guide of Thrace, the Monastery of Simonopetra on Mount Athos, a two-volume album Monastery of Vatopedi on Mount Athos (awarded by the Academy of Athens), an album ORMYLIA The Holy Coenobium of the Annunciation in Halkidiki, an album for the Boutaris wine production in Santorini called The Santorinian Wine of Santorini and more. My latest work in this field was Monasteries of Kozani. Of great importance to me has also been my work on the M.Panselinos frescoes in the Holy Church of the Protaton on Mount Athos.

Working in publications, I came to specialize in theme photo album photography. Some of my latest albums in this field include: The Other Halkidiki, Mani, Magical Greece, Syria, Romania and Mount Athos, The Laws of the Great Church 1564 – c.1593, The History of the Greek Cartography 1420-1800, Tanneries of Amfissa in the field of historical publications, but also gastronomic publications such as Cheese by I.Mamalakis, Student in the Kitchen, Traveller in the Kitchen and An Egg Can Go Everywhere by V.Smirli, Gefsinissia, 110 Potato Recipes, and Tsikoudia-the Cretan Spirit, which won the 3rd International Award in the category Best Spirits Books in the World during the annual Paris Cookbook Fair that took place in Paris. The World Cookbook Awards are awarded each year among 6.000 publications originating from 154 countries.

Finally, one the highlights of my carrier, I must admit, are the seminars I have been organizing the past few years. I have had the chance to teach fellow professional photographers, studying at the Vocational Training Centers (KEK) of Athens, Crete, Cyprus, Corfu etc.

I have been a long-time member of the Greek Union Of Film, Television And Audiovisual Technicians (ETEKT) and I have been elected as vice-chairman to the Panhellenic Federation of Photographers (POF) and the Artistic Photographers Union of Athens (EKFA).

I believe that the art of photography brings you closer to your surroundings, gives you the chance to touch them with your eyes, shape them with light and become one with them. Light can be so seductive…I am always trying to make it my own!